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Cones and Fencing

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Cones and fencing allows for easy traffic control so you can alert drivers to an upcoming hazard, restrict unauthorised access to an area, and to better-manage a queue of people. In the workplace and public spaces, then our barrier systems are perhaps best suited as they’re easy and quick to assemble and take apart, whilst requiring little storage space.

On the road, whether you’re restricting traffic access to a motorway lane or setting up cones for building sites, then it is essential to have the correct traffic cones. This is to protect workers and drivers, and that’s why our traffic cones comply with all relevant standards.

With our Roadhog JSP road cones, they are robust (so they won’t fall apart) and sturdy (so they won’t fall over), and feature a reflective sleeve which means they can be seen in low-light conditions. These can also be stacked for storage, and are easy to grip in order to lay out.

Both our cones and barrier systems are suitable for use with our plastic chain, which is available in a choice of two colours and can be cut down to size.